Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Exercise - gesture

Exercise to improve gesture and expand my variety of styles. I wanted to draw a more stylised, cuter version of this character of mine. The sequence shows him getting dressed into his flight gear. 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

New Character Design

Sorry for the inactivity, I've been so busy finishing my degree etc! Also a lot of my animations can't be posted publicly yet until my film has finished circulating festivals.

Anyway, I can show this; this is a rough eagle character design for a personal film project Im working on. The eagle will actually be made into a stop motion puppet so these drawings were for the model maker Im collaborating with.
It's taken a long time to design this, many attempts and ideas drawn and scrapped to get to this point but worth it. I love drawing.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Personal Work

Some personal work from a graphic novel I am currently working on in my spare time including rough cover art, character design and posing. 
I always like to have something to work on in the background no matter how busy I am, it keeps me alive! The comic is simply a personal goal of mine, something I've always wished to create plus it helps me improve my drawing skills. Win win situation! 

I've been extremely busy finishing my degree and animation but here is some personal sketches I have managed to find time to do. I was experimenting with style variations and traditional media such as copic markers.

 Includes character design work and good old fashion doodles!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Additional Model sheets

Additional model sheets I created for the team. This is very useful to refer back to whilst animating. The crow characters are rather stylised and can be complicated to draw, these sheets provided the additional animators with a solid reference.  
Crow postures interpreted from directors storyboard.

Wing reference page. 

Older version of the crow's design

Older version of the crows design

Character sheets

These are the final model sheets I created for the graduate film I am currently working on.

Basic Crow turnaround

Posed crow

Skeleton outline, this is really useful when animating as it helps give a sense of structure. 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Character Design research

Early character design work for the graduate film that I am currently working on.

Crow watercolour experiment 

Watercolour and ink silhouettes 

Life drawing pigeons with a brush pen

Life drawing pigeons with a brush pen

Flight sequence studies of pigeons

Corvus studies 
Corvus studies with brush pen

Crow silhouette designs 


Poster for my pitch idea animation. Although I didn't get to make my film this year, I still hope to redevelop it in the future. Additionally, working as producer and lead animator on another film is giving me lots of experience and practise.

nebula practise

Practising painting nebulas in photoshop with custom brushes I made. 

Celestial Eagle designs

Some of the final design work I did for the celestial eagles in my film idea.
Turnaround for the white eagle 
Character features

Turnaround for the black eagle

Black eagle features