Sunday, 25 January 2015

Character Design research

Early character design work for the graduate film that I am currently working on.

Crow watercolour experiment 

Watercolour and ink silhouettes 

Life drawing pigeons with a brush pen

Life drawing pigeons with a brush pen

Flight sequence studies of pigeons

Corvus studies 
Corvus studies with brush pen

Crow silhouette designs 


Poster for my pitch idea animation. Although I didn't get to make my film this year, I still hope to redevelop it in the future. Additionally, working as producer and lead animator on another film is giving me lots of experience and practise.

nebula practise

Practising painting nebulas in photoshop with custom brushes I made. 

Celestial Eagle designs

Some of the final design work I did for the celestial eagles in my film idea.
Turnaround for the white eagle 
Character features

Turnaround for the black eagle

Black eagle features