Saturday, 27 April 2013

Animal walk line test

Basic animal walk cycle I did. Not perfect but really enjoyed doing this. Capturing animals movement is tricky but very rewarding and also fascinating! Learnt a lot through this project.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A person piece of work just for fun of a character of mine. Digital mixed media painting.

Tonal studies of from the same layout drawings in various lighting:

Desk at night, pencil

Desk in the day, natural light, pencil

Night, copic markers

Daylight, copic markers

interior at night time, digital.

Some of my layout drawings. We were told to draw our rooms at university. I have certainly learnt a lot about about how different line qualities can show so many things such as distance, texture etc.
The rooms in our halls are rather 'cosy' to say the least so getting a decent view was very difficult.

My desk. 

Looking out of the window
Looking up at my window

Quick sketch of bedroom interior

Tap cameo

Halls corridor. (Looks a bit like an asylum?!)

Bathroom cameo

Strawberry Line quick sketch