Monday, 30 December 2013

character design

Some character design I have been doing. I truly love designing characters, its so much fun getting into character yourself to help your drawings.

Student room layout

This is a digital painting of my student room. Working with a 3rd year, I was shown how to compose a digital image like this and in doing so, gained a vast amount of knowledge.
This started as an accurate pencil drawing of the room which was scanned. I then took a photo from a similar angle in the desired lighting. In photoshop, I created many layers representing the 'values' or tonal ranges using the lasso tool. Once this was correct, I used masks to colour each layer whilst colour picking from my original photo. I used custom brushes, some I made, some given to me which I loved using! The final lighting was added with the gradient tool.
I am very happy with this as its realistic yet not overly detailed (I like details so its nice painting in a different way).